Wild Rice Stuffing

Higher in protein and fiber than regular stuffing, and just as tasty!

Mashed Turnips

Mashed turnips are a fantastic alternative to mashed potatoes. They have only 6 grams of carbohydrate per serving (mashed potatoes have around 22), and the same amount of fiber.

Bone Broth

Why is bone broth so healthy?? Answer:

1. Heal and seal your gut. The gelatin in bone broth protects the gut by supporting mucosal lining, and by providing proteins that support the immune system.

2. Protect your joints. Taking glucosamine supplements to help with joint pain has been common knowledge for years, but it turns out that bone broth has glucosamine too. But unlike pills, the broth also includes a host of other goodies that help keep your joints happy, healthy, and pain-free. The chondroitin sulfate in bone broth has been shown to help prevent osteoarthritis.

3. Look younger. Bone broth is a rich source of collagen. You can find collagen in all kinds of “plumping” products these days, but why stick it on the outside when you can drink it? Not only is drinking it cheaper, but it can make your skin, hair, and nails look just as radiant.

4. Sleep better, and feel better. The glycine in bone broth has been shown in several studies to help people sleep better and improve memory by supporting neurotransmitter formation.

5. Immune support. Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint, actually calls bone broth a “superfood” thanks to the high concentration of minerals. He says that the bone marrow can help strengthen your immune system. (Something that won’t surprise your grandma who always made you her famous chicken soup when you got sick!) A Harvard study even showed that some people with auto-immune disorders experienced a relief of symptoms when drinking bone broth, with some achieving a complete remission.

6. Stronger bones. The phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium in the bones seeps out into the broth leaving you with the essential building blocks for healthy bones.

7. It’s very economical! What else were you going to do with those chicken carcasses, soup bones, and veggies going bad in your fridge?

Ginger Roasted Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad with Mine, Chilli, and Lime

Pumpkin Quinoa Dish

Moroccan Carrot Lentil Soup

Recipe adapted from http://www.acedarspoon.com/moroccan-carrot-red-lentil-soup/