Individual Nutrition Counseling Testimony

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“Thank you for providing me with the tools to “jump start” the changes I needed to make by tailoring my nutrition needs, diet, and exercise to help promote a better outcome while living with diabetes.  I appreciate your interest and encouragement throughout our meetings.  Because of your suggestions, my weight is down and by changing my eating habits, I feel more empowered to now live a healthier lifestyle! Thank you” – RW Tipton

Nutrition Classes and Presentations

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From Sheridan College Lady Generals Basketball Team –

“Thank you so much for speaking to us.  I am a really picky eater so your advised foods/eating habits really helped!  Thank you!”

“Thank you for coming to speak to us.  I learned a lot.  I am excited to start eating healthier to help with my performance.”

“Thank you for taking the time to com speak to us about nutrition.  The information and handouts you shared with use is going to be very helpful this season for getting in shape.”

YMCA Livestrong

“Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come over to the Y and educate our Livestrong class on nutrition.  I always learn so much from listening to others talk about nutrition.  The group said they really enjoyed it and that they took home some very valuable information.  Thanks also for passing on the information you accumulated on the bountiful baskets.  I’ve shared it with others down here.  Thanks again for sharing your expertise.”  Patty Cox

Sheridan Morning MOPS Team

“Thank you for volunteering your time this morning and for the invaluable information you gave our moms to lead healthier lives. Blessings.” Sheridan Morning MOPS Team